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What now(Dj Sasson) What now(Dj Sasson)

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Treysen is right...

Learn to master. Learn what "loop" means.

give you the world give you the world

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Bad, and sore.

Once upon a time there was a shitty prick who couldn't take criticism, even when people attempt to be diplomatic. You can't troll people's profiles and expect anything positive back. Give up on music.

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Adjeye-3 ~ Sentivicated. Adjeye-3 ~ Sentivicated.

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Not too shabby

(i dont know how you can say something isnt very good and then give it an 8/10... logic much?)

this isn't too bad at all, very easy to listen to. my issue is that it doesnt really go anywhere, but as a kinda ambient track its not bad...
Now please go back and comment on my stuff lol :P

Adjeye responds:

Reviewed it.. Thanks. I will try to make more hooks in the next song :).

Aphex Triplet Aphex Triplet

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Quality is awesome, really evil and nasty, I like.
Did struggle to listen past 3minutes though, but then if this was playing behind a similarly f*cked-up game, it'd be fine.
Keep it up!

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charlie-sheening responds:

Great feedback, thanks. Yeah, I tend to fall in that bad habit of not knowing when to finish.. I'll look at working on a shorter version. This cut is definitely better for background music. Thanks for listening and speaking your mind

Quick Play Quick Play

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Not too shabby!

It's pretty decent for 2 hours work - bit empty in places, and can't say I like the drum machine. The counter-melody at 0.40 is really cool though, quite edgy. I like.
Would suggest playing with some filters to add some interest - if the whole track was looped through a Kaoss pad and fx'd from there it'd be a bit more crazy.
Keep it up!